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0nline Ordering Information

1. Via Facebook facebook_rebana   @

2. Via Twitter  twitter_rebana @sinarharapan

3. Via Whatsapp whatsapp_rebana 081320245475/081222798117

4. Via BBM   bb_rebana53DBDB75/2A5D699C

4. Via YM    yahoo_messenger_rebana


Offline Ordering Information & Printable Order Form


Click Herefor a printable order form.  Please print order form, fill it out completely and mail with payment.

Accepted Mail Order Payments:
Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express Credit Cards; Checks and Money Orders.  Non US address may send International Money orders or Bank Checks in US funds.

Mail To:

CV. Sinar Harapan Musik

Jl. Pasar Ikan No. 15 A
Kelurahan / Kec : Penjaringan – Jakarta Utara 14430
Telp/Fax. +6221 – 6614565
Mobile :

FARID (+6281380584374 / +6281806754783 / +6285691217122)

MASYKUR (081320245475 & 087876598778 / 085775400278)


* Returned Checks will be issued a $29.00 fee



Call us Toll-Free at Phone

+62 21 6614565 or + 62 21 81380584374

+ 62 21 81320245475

A customer service representative will be happy to take your order.

Please have your order number, size (if applicable), and any choices for your item ready when you call.

Accepted Telephone Order Payments:
Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express Cards


Click Here to for a printable order form, fill out completely and fax to:

+62 21 6614565

Accepted Fax Order Payments:
Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express Cards

Pembayaran |


If you have a paypal account and would like to pay us by this method:

Email us with your order, your name & address, and your telephone number.  We will respond with your order total.  Make your Paypal payment to: (click here)

or Bank Transfer to :

Pembayaran Logo |

Bank BCA  account no : 2400236766 a.n. BADRUZAMAN

Bank Mandiri account no : 1680000673192 BADRUZAMAN

Bank BNI account no : 0240771988 MASYKUR MUNAWAR

Please include your order information in the “Note” section.

  • Include item numbers and item description

  • Don’t forget your  size, Color Choice, Wood Choice, Wood Carving Choice, etc.Please include your telephone number

  • Please include your telephone number

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